Saturday, February 14, 2015

Winners for PP231: A Color Challenge from Nance

Hi everyone, Nance here!  Thanks to all who braved my color challenge--there were some beautiful entries and they ran the gamut from elegant to whimsical.  It's always fun to see how many different ways there are to interpret color and I love when a challenge makes us step outside our comfort zone.

Now, before we get to my headliner.... let's see what caught the eye of our design team:

And now our headliner:

I love that Chat used this bold color combination to create such a soft and lovely card.  Using black and white with different patterns and textures on her background really makes the red and coral pop.  The combination of polka dots and flowers is both elegant and fresh and I love the black accents in the leaves, flower and pearls. All around her design is classic and beautiful...congratulations Chat, you're my Headliner!                                                                        

Winners, please pick up your badges--available HERE! Be sure to check back tomorrow for a sweet clean-and-simple challenge hosted by Joanne.  See you soon! 


  1. Thank you so much for picking my card for a cut above, I'm honored ! Love all the cards this week !

  2. Jaydee, thank you for making my card your pick of the week!! Congrats to the other picks and the headliner! Such a beautiful gallery this week!

  3. Thank you Claire for picking my card for A Cut Above!!! I am thrilled! Congrats to Chat and my fellow shout-outs! Happy V-Day to everybody!

  4. Thanks a lot for choosing my card for a cut above! You made my day!
    Congrats to the winner and all highlighted!

  5. Thanks Ann for choosing my card! That's just the pickup I needed! And congratulations to Chat and all the others!

  6. Thanks so much for choosing my card, Sandy, and a big whoop whoop to all the other winners!

  7. Thank you so much for choosing my card!!!! I am really glad the you like the color combo.
    You guys are awesome for doing such wonderful challenges!!!


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