Monday, February 20, 2012

Comments this week....

To all of our valued participants,

As you may know, Blogger has changed the commenting word verification system this week. Many of us have been experiencing difficulties reading those two verification words we need to fill in to complete a comment.  Normally we comment on as many cards as we are able to do, but the new words are really slowing us down!

In your settings on blogger, you are able to turn off word verification and change to a "moderation" setting. This means any comment you receive will appear on your dashboard and you can publish it later.  That way, design teams will be able to easily leave you some comment love!

I hope this makes sense and that you can understand why we may not have left you a comment this week.  As a design team, we work hard to make sure we comment on as many cards as we possibly can.  We know how important comments are to each of us!

If you have any questions about how to change from word verification to comment moderation, please leave us a comment with your email address and we will try to help you if we can!

Thank you!!  There is still time to join our current challenge! To play along, please CLICK HERE to see the design team samples and to link your creation.

Lesley and the Paper Players


  1. I am relieved to read this as I thought I was the only one having problems reading those silly things! And as a design team, you ladies are one of the best when it comes to commenting. It really makes the Paper Players a special challenge!

  2. Ha!!! I thought it was just me :>) I sometimes have to go thru 3 sets of words before I can figure it out!


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