Question 1: Why do you each choose a winner?

Each of our design team members has a particular style preference. For example, I tend to be attracted to clean and simple or bold and elegant, whilst Ann has a strong preference for vintage. Having each of us choose a winner, allows us to showcase more styles and more cards and stops us favoring one particular style over the other.

Question 2: Do you confer with each other about your choices?

No. Our choices are individual and we don't know what each other has chosen until we load our own particular choice.

Question 3: Who chooses The Headliner for the week?

The person who is hosting the challenge for the week gets to choose The Headliner. The rest of the design team get to choose a Cut Above. As I am hosting the challenge this week, it is my honor and privilege to choose the Headliner for this week.

Question 4: Why do you have guest designers?

Once again, the core design team has their own distinct styles. Inviting guest designers onto our team helps to keep the content fresh, as each new guest designer brings a different feel to our inspiration cards, and it gives us an opportunity to showcase some of the amazing work of our challenge players.

Question 5:  Can I play along if I don't have a blog?

You are welcome to upload to Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Flickr. Just make sure you include a link back to our challenge and #ThePaperPlayers and the appropriate challenge entry and that comments are enabled so that we can easily visit and leave you some kind words

Do you have a question?  Please email us at thepaperplayers@yahoo.ca